GIS Day 2020 Celebration - Resources for Teachers + Students

Check out these amazing organizations and resources from our GIS DAY 2020 Celebration!

Organizations who we heard from:

Jennifer Learned,

Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project:

Dan Eisenberg + Allison Borrell,

East Maui Watershed Partnership

Sam Aruch,

Natural Resource Data Solutions:

Joseph J. Kerski, ESRI:

Kaili Kosaka + Koki Atcheson,

Coconut Rhinoceros

Beetle Response:

Patty Miller, Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary:

Diana Papini Warren, Learning Endeavors:

Junior and Senior Field Ecology Students,

Kihei Chart School:

Resources for students and teachers from GIS Day:

Mapping Tools for teachers and students:

Reporting Invasive Species:

Marine Debris Tracker:




Story Map of Maui Coral Reefs:

GIS Day 2020 FB Live Blog Post from Joseph Kerski, ESRI Education Manager:

Name that place: A Multiple Choice Quiz About the Earth

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