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An Initiative to Cultivate More Community Members who Care for and Protect the Wetlands of Hawai'i.

We are currently collaborating with South Maui Save the Wetlands Hui to develop and offer educational events and resources that empower youth and others in South Maui to become Wetland Warriors.  Learn more!

Explore the information below to find out how you can learn more and engage the youth that you serve in visits to Maui's Wetlands.
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Wetland Field Trip Information
Participating educators will choose a wetlands field trip location and submit preferred date options in the application process.  

Application is Now Open!

Locations for field trips coordinated by Learning Endeavors include these South Maui Wetland Sites

Lāʻie Mauka, Piʻikea Pond, Waipuilani Park, and Keālia Ponds. 

Bus transportation provided, upon request.

(Participants may also choose to visit other Maui wetlands through other organizations.)

Date Options: 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays in April & May will be the primary options for school groups.  Saturday options for clubs and other youth groups will also be options.


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This event is open to formal and informal educators.  Adults who work with youth age 8-18 who are eager to bring a group to the wetlands to learn and mālama ʻāina are encouraged to apply.

Mahalo to Our Participants!
Wetlands Walking Excursion & Activities for Keiki and Ohana

Lā'ie Mauka Wetlands Work Days
Every Saturday at 8:00

k at Medi Spa No pre-registration required. Contact S. Maui Wetlands Hui for more information or express your intent to help:  Email
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Learn More About Maui Wetlands & Excellent Wetland Ecology Information at the new S. Maui Save The Wetlands Hui Website

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Funding provided by a Maui County Wetlands Grant in partnership with Hawai'i Land Trust, Save the Wetlands Hui, and others. 2022-2023

Learning Endeavors believes in offering innovative approaches to field based, place-based learning.  Program participants engage in data collection for citizen science projects and stewardship activities that help our fragile ecosystems in Hawai'i.

We Need Your Support Today!

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