Learning Endeavors Presents GIS DAY 2020 Celebration!

Wailuku, Hawaii - Learning Endeavors will host GIS DAY 2020 online on November 18,2020 in celebration of Geography Awareness Week. The event features GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, through a showcase of GIS Professionals presenting about their work with this digital mapping software - GIS.

GIS Professionals from various organizations will be presenting, including: Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project, East Maui Watershed Partnership, Natural Resource Data Solutions, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Response, Kihei Charter School High School, and Learning Endeavors.

“GIS is a set of tools that impact our lives far more than most people know. GIS was fueling the recent US Election data interactive ‘Magic Wall’ map we were following as ballots were counted across the country. GIS powers the COVID 19 John Hopkins Portal showing us a powerful map portal of where cases, deaths, and hospitalizations, rise and fall in the world. GIS allows us to visualize critical data and make better decisions in our communities and our world. We want to inspire students to consider GIS as a future STEM career,” says the Learning Endeavors Executive Director, Diana Papini Warren.

Teachers who want to add the Learning Endeavors GIS Day Event to their Celebration of Geography Awareness Week can sign up on the Learning Endeavors Events page at learningendeavors.org/events. For more information, call (808)281-3106.

Learning Endeavors is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to developing and offering innovative education programs for Hawaii schools, based in Wailuku, Maui.

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