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Resources for in the Classroom 

Here are some materials to familiarize your students with some of the Hawaiian birds they may encounter in the field guides.

Activities & Curriculum  

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ʻUaʻu Coloring Page produced by MNSBRP
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Endangered Forest Birds Coloring Page produced by MFBRP
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Bird Beak Adaptation Lab  produced by Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds
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Native/Non-Native Bird Calls
Produced by Sounds Hawaiian
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Manu Minute Bird Songs
Produced by Hawaiʻi Public Radio 
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Bird Calls Vs. Instruments
Produced by Symphony of the Hawaiian Bird
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Invasive Species & Seabirds Curriculum Produced by Seabird Youth Network

ArcGIS StoryMaps

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Press play and browse through our collection of Hawaiian bird videos.

In the News

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Data Sheets

Use one of our data sheets when you are in the field. Click to download.

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Wetlands Bird Survey Produced by Learning Endeavors 
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Bird Behavior Observation Sheet 
Produced by Learning Endeavors 

Hawaiian Bird Organizations 

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This page is intended as a resource for recipients of Learning Endeavors' annual Hawaiian Bird Field Guide Drive. Here, teachers can find interactive ideas for how to incorporate their field guides into classroom learning.

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