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An Initiative to Cultivate More Community Members who Care for and Protect the Wetlands of Hawai'i.

the "Out & About" Teacher Workshop
March 2024
(Provided in Resource Binders at Workshop)

MISC Documents


Link to E Ho Mai

Link to Oli Mahalo

Link to Art Integration: Like You Poem


Hoike Link Sand Analysis Lab

Hoike Link Finding Little Fire Ant

Hoike Link Race to the Wetlands Game

Hoike Link Backyard/Schoolyard Weed Survey

Link to iNaturalist workflow for offline observations


Keālia Ponds NWR Docs


Link to Kealia pollinator Garden Plant Guide

Kealia Wildlife Guide




Link to Waihe'e Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Refuge 23-24 Educator Guide

Link to Waihe'e Plant Lab Lesson and Student Worksheet

Learning Endeavors Resources (2023 & 2024 Binders Combined)

PART 1: Wetland Warriors(WW) Initiative 


  1. Partners on Maui County Wetland Restoration & Education Funding:  Contact Information for LE, Pili Koko, & Save the Wetlands Hui 

  2. Field Trip Coordination 

    1. Field Trip Option Profiles 

    2. LE Waiver for Students 

    3. LE Waiver for Adult Chaperones

    4. April/May 2024 Field Trip Sign Up (Tuesdays)

  3.  Wetlands Resources 

    1. Wetlands of HI Introduction - Google Slides (LE)

    2. Wetland Book List for K12 (EPA)

    3. Maui Wetland Data 

  4. My Watershed on Maui” - Worksheet & GIS Storymap Activity (LE)

  5. Maui Wetlands GIS Map  (LE)

  6. South Maui Wetlands Interactive Webpage & Website (SWH)

  7. Hawaiian Culture 

    1. Moʻo - An Introduction

    2. Article:  The role of indigenous practices in expanding waterbird habitat in the face of rising seas

  8. Maui County Bill to Protect & Map Remaining Wetlands (2022) 

  9. Wetland Warriors Citizen Science - An Project

Wetland Warriors Educator Dashboard from LAST YEAR (2023) Teacher Workshop:


PART 2:  Champions of Coastal Resilience(CCR) Initiative

  1. The CCR Approach

  2. NGSS Standards Alignment

  3. CCR Data Sheet

  4. Voices of Champions Film Festival & Celebration - May 8, 2024
    10am - Noon at the Historic ʻIao Theater). Student CCR Stories Preview

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 7.24.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 11.27.39 AM.png
Explore South Maui Wetlands Virtually
Interactive maps.  Drone Footage.  Histories of Impacted Hydrology.  Summaries on Restoration Status & Opportunities.
Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 4.03.32 PM.png

Wetland Field Trip Information

Locations for field trips coordinated by Learning Endeavors include these South Maui Wetland Sites

Lāʻie Mauka, Piʻikea Pond, Waipuilani Park, and Keālia Ponds. 

Limited Bus Transportation is Available

(Participants may also choose to visit other Maui wetlands through other organizations.)

Date Options: 

Tuesdays  in April & May will be the primary options for school groups.  

Lā'ie Mauka Wetlands Work Days
Every Saturday at 8:00

k at Medi Spa No pre-registration required. Contact S. Maui Wetlands Hui for more information or express your intent to help:  Email
Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 1.16.05 PM.png

Funding provided by a Maui County Wetlands Grant in partnership with Hawai'i Land Trust, Save the Wetlands Hui, and others. 2022-2023

Learning Endeavors believes in offering innovative approaches to field based, place-based learning.  Program participants engage in data collection for citizen science projects and stewardship activities that help our fragile ecosystems in Hawai'i.

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