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Volunteer to Plant Trees with ReTree Hawaiʻi this November

We all know trees are important. They provide a means to absorbing greenhouse gases emitted by fossil fuel. They offer shade on a hot day. They help to hold soil together which prevents coral reef damage. Native trees even offer habitats for endangered native species! All of these imperative services are reasons why we need to help protect and foster trees (especially native ones) around the Hawaiian Islands. Luckily ReTree Hawaiʻi is making it their mission to help people and organizations plant trees for the month of November!

Would you like to get involved? There are two options! You can either join a planting event that has already been lined up OR you can plant on your own either at home or at a community site. For those who are interested on planting on their own you can register your site here. ReTree Hawaiʻi has also graciously provided a form to request assistance with acquiring plants, tools and 4WD vehicles. If you would rather just join a planting site that already exists, check out the calendar here.

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