Tips to Get Started as a Citizen Scientist in Hawai'i

Interested in contributing to the study of Hawai'i as a citizen scientist?

We recommend these Citizen Science Projects in Hawai'i:

The OPIHI Project - Intertidal Data Collection OPIHI (Our Project in Hawaii’s Intertidal) is a school-based monitoring program of Hawaii’s rocky intertidal where students improve their scientific skills while providing assistance gathering data in an area that has not been well studied in Hawaii.

The Hawai'i and Pacific Islands King Tides Project Citizens can document high tide impacts on coastal areas using an App.

The Pueo Project

Hawaii Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count

Citizen Science Hawai'i Project on iNaturalist Register an Account at, Download the free App, and JOIN the Citizen Science Hawai'i Project.  Observe living things in Hawai'i!

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